When novels come second to writers

George RR Martin is a very well known person in the literary realm as well as the Hollywood scene with his ongoing book series A Song of Ice and Fire. Martin pulled a J.K. Rowling and was able to successfully turn his drama fantasy novels into a franchise. Fans who at first had their noses stuck in the books now have their eyes glued to the TV screen while Hollywood actors do their interpretation of A Song of Ice and Fire. So far, three seasons aired on HBO entitled Game of Thrones and many hot commodities (mugs, calendars, dolls, necklaces etc.) have come out of it.
Although the success Martin has been met with is something all fans can rejoice in, it is a doubled-edged sword book fanatics are dealing with. Is the HBO series going to catch up with the books before Martin has finished the sixth book? Rumor is Martin is working hard on finishing the sixth book, but every fan knows he is also working extremely close with Game of Thrones directors David Benioff and D.B. Weiss on every episode of the show. This much time spent towards the show, as well as the time spent with his family, takes a huge cut in his time for the next book. Also, this book is not supposed to be the final one in the series. And Martin’s age has many fans nervous that he will die before being able to finish the books, although the HBO series will survive because Martin has revealed to directors how he wants the series to end.
Martin is a wonderful writer and has taken on a lot with writing so many intriguing, multi-level character plots. So many, however, it has made this series extend profusely (which many fans, myself included, absolutely love). With his great success with an HBO series, his books are suffering and becoming second to the show. It is sad to see such a well-written, engrossing book series dwindle next to the popularity of the show. Authors should have a devotion to making sure their books are prospering first. Referencing back to J.K. Rowling, although she did help with some of the movies, she made sure her books came first—no matter the extent of her success.
Martin needs to look to his books, the writing that all his new success is based on, and do them justice. Focus on the literature and less on the Hollywood glam.

-Megan Ferguson