An Interview with Nathan Bell

Nathan BellIf you’ve been to Meacham before, chances are you’ve seen Nathan Bell around. This musician son-of-a-poet is a pretty big part of the scene there every semester, or at least when he can make the time between writing and recording songs. This semester, he taught a songwriting workshop.  Nashville Scene has portrayed Bell’s work as having “a crisp literary quality, a tough blue-collar sensibility and a terse, muscular musicality.” He has also been featured in the Rolling Stone and Option Magazine, and he’s about to be featured here. Sequoya Review Mandy Rogers sat down with Nathan Bell at Meacham this semester, and here is what he had to say:
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Interview with Red Heart the Ticker

MEACHAM, FALL 2009: There were many great writers here at UTC for the biannual Meacham Writers’ Workshop, but there was also something new this time: a songwriting workshop with Red Heart the Ticker, a band from Vermont composed of Tyler Gibbons and Robin MacArthur. We got a chance to interview Ty after the band’s set on Saturday.

SR: How do you write songs?
TY: I’ve always written songs–it’s how I express myself. I feel the most whole when I’m writing a song.
SR: What is touring like?
TY: It’s an amazing way to enter in to a place and have a reason to be there. It makes it easy to meet people–it’s a great excuse to travel. However, it’s very hard to make a living. It’s a privilege to get to see new cities, and if we break even doing it, that’s a start . . .
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