HBO Porn

I always use to think that HBO shows were all the same— make something in the story of the show lead to very pornographic sex, the end. For years I have kept this opinion on HBO and have never had an interest to watch anything HBO produced… until February 2013. All of my friends talk about how great this show is and how great that show is and how I need to watch it, but all I ever see is this girl getting raped, this girl fucking some dude, and some guy occasionally screwing some other guy.

February 2013 was a breaking point for me, or actually its just what happens when I get bored when I’m alone in my apartment. Comcast was hosting a special for a few months about showing the third season of Game of Thrones on demand for free. After being told by all kinds of different people that I need to see it, I said to my self, “why the hell not”, and flipped it on. To my surprise, it was nothing like what I had expected. I watched the whole third season in one weekend and really enjoyed it. Sure sex was involved. At times it was gay oriented and others it was violent, but it all fit in the story. Very much not like porn, the stories produced by HBO are very heavy in character development and have much more complex plots and subplots than porn will ever hope to have. Its like watching a great movie, only its extended to greater lengths and has a plot that people will actually care about.

To all of my readers, don’t do as I have done. Do not fall victim to naïve patterns and judge a book by its previews. Watch before you judge because there is more to talk about then. But in reality, the shows are very interesting and I can now claim that I am an HBO porn fan.