What I Learned From Visiting My Old Home

  1. Go to all of the places you missed the most while you were away. Even if the porch where you used to idly talk with large groups of friends is now empty, go. Even if there are no good movies playing in the local theatre, go see one. Buy an overpriced mug or t shirt from your favorite coffee shop, if only to have one more thing to hold onto on your travel back.
  2. Go see all of your old friends and acquaintances. Even the ones you don’t want to see. Especially the ones you’ve lost touch with, if only for a minute. Ask them about themselves. Let them do all the talking. Don’t lose touch with the people who made you, you. Hug your best friend too many times. Stay up until 5 in the morning looking at old pictures with your sister. Hug people you never have before because you don’t know if it’s the last time you will be able to. Draw an “X” on your hand and sneak into a bad punk show full of high schoolers, just for old time’s sake.
  3. They probably still think about you too. I don’t have to tell you who because I know you already have a certain person in mind. No one knows what could come from it, but an essential part of life is embracing the beautiful unknown.
  4. You’re going to miss it. All of it. You will miss coming home to your roommates and embracing them because of how much you missed them, no matter how much you all fight about whose turn it is to do the dishes. You will miss sitting on your balcony on Tuesday nights with nothing to do but talk. You may even miss your 8 a.m.’s. Ok… probably not that, but you’re going to miss all of the small things just as much as you miss your high school friends, and going to high school football games, even if only for just 15 minutes. I guarantee you will miss it because life is ever changing, and the things you took for granted or were ungrateful for will be the things you long for the most in a year. So open your eyes. Soak in everything. Remember the smells, the tastes, and the sights. Take too many pictures. Tell people you love them all of the time. Say things you would normally leave unsaid because pretty soon, you will regret not doing so.

-Caroline Bible


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