Track 29: Bring a Variety of Artists to Our City

          Music fans, listen up! In case you haven’t already heard, the fabulous band Neutral Milk Hotel will be coming to Chattanooga on Saturday October 19th at Track 29. After 1999 when the band broke up due to lead singer Jeff Mangum’s mental breakdown, fans have been waiting in suspense for a reunion tour for the past fourteen years Well no more worries because the reunion is making it’s way to beautiful Chatty town.
            Other great shows are hitting up the Chattanooga area the rest of October. Country star Brett Aldridge will also be taking the Track 29 stage behind the Choo Choo hotel on October 17, following the group Beat’s Antique that will be playing at the same venue on the 16th. Beat’s Antique, famous for their interactive concerts that are typically played at festivals both domestic and international, will combine Middle Eastern sounds with that of hip-hop induced beats, and a splash of downtempo and dubstep. Datsik also is visiting Track 29 on October 23rd with his drum and bass influenced style. Datsik’s music caters to young dubstep fans, as well as electronic, hip-hop, and acid jazz fans. It seems to be a busy month for the Track 29 venue, especially with Neutral Milk Hotel making an appearance in Chattanooga for their reunion tour. In fact, many Neutral Milk fans will be traveling from far and wide to see Jeff Magnum and the band, as tickets sold out in just under two minutes. Perhaps this will bring some revenue to our green city of Chattanooga.


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