Studying as Nature Intended

 If you’re like me, Lupton Library simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to studying sometimes. I am not saying that Lupton isn’t a fine service offered to the students, I just find myself more distracted than not whenever I visit with the intention of trying to study. It’s always way too cold in there, and there’s always some guy chatting loudly on his phone or a group of giggly, squealing girls within earshot. So, my typical routine is to find the materials I’m going to need as quickly as possible, and get out. If my sources must stay within the confines of the library, I usually scan them and read them elsewhere.

I’d like to propose an alternative to library studying: get out there and enjoy the outdoors while you learn! Chattanooga offers dozens of hiking trails and scenic parks where college students can benefit from the fresh air while learning. Coolidge Park on the Northshore is one such option, though many families with screaming children as well as your loud phone talkers and giggly girls from the library can also be found here in abundance, not studying.

My favorite study has got to be the forest. The Prentice Cooper Wildlife Management Area, about twenty to twenty-five minutes outside downtown Chattanooga, is my go-to area. I rarely see other hikers in these woods, and the ones I do see are friendly, and go about their merry way quietly after a polite “Hello, have a nice day.” The only downside to this area is the fact that it is closed several times a year for controlled hunts, but such information can be found on the Tennessee Wildlife and Resources Management website

Greenway Farms, a part of the North Chickamauga Creek Conservancy, is another one of my favorite spots to study off-campus. Greenway features an old rock quarry, a dog park, and several trails, My preferred spot at Greenway is a little dilapidated cabin on one of the trails, complete with rocking chairs on the front porch and an awning to protect loungers from heat and moisture. A full list of the amenities offered at Greenway Farms can be found here.


– Krystle Luttrell


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