Chattanooga’s Art Scene: PprWrk worth noticing

I drive past them every day. On numerous occasions I have gone on a walk downtown and come across a black and white face staring back at me, sometimes with a toothless grin or caressing a mic. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered the hand wielding the brush to these Chattanooga haunts (so to speak).
Maybe I’m slow to the scene, but I think these guys are worth a shout-out.
PprWrk is a company founded and ran by local Chattanooga artists. Their specialty Chattanooga haunts are wheat-paste murals with musical influence. This removable graffiti has been popping-up all over Chattanooga. The temporary nature of these murals makes them more lucrative to Chattanooga business owners as well as gives them endless amounts of potential.
With a motto like “we make art to make people smile” you can’t help but love them.
This past spring, PprWrk co-produced Tour De Noog—a bike ride through Chattanooga featuring their murals with a tech twist. Participators were able to bike through Chattanooga and experience augmented reality technology paired with local art. With the help of an easily downloadable app, bikers could view the art through their phones and have access to the mural’s subject, live videos, facebook links, etc.
I for one love the new look of some of our local buildings, and cannot wait to see what more PprWrk has to offer in the future.
Check out their face book to see what else PprWrk has brewing in Chattanooga:
PprWrk @ facebook

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– Sarah Hedrick


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