How it Happened – Case Duckworth

I was away on vacation when I heard–
someone sat at my desk while I was away.
They took my pen, while I was taking
surf lessons, and wrote the sun into the sky.
They pre-approved the earth and the waters,
and all of the living things, without even
having the decency to text me. It was not I
who was behind the phrase “creeping things.”
When I got back, of course I was pissed,
but it was already written into the policy.
I’m just saying: don’t blame me for Cain
killing Abel. That was a murder. I’m not a cop.
The Tower of Babel fell on its own. The ark
never saw a single drop of rain. I’m the drunk
sitting on the curb who just pissed his pants,
nothing more. I quit my job a while ago.

– Case Duckworth is a junior at UTC, studying creative writing. He plans to become a prophet.


4 thoughts on “How it Happened – Case Duckworth

  1. I’m currently a UTC student and I’m just now findind out about the Sequoya Review. I admire creative writing due to the feelings it brings along with the thoughts that appear as each word or line marinates. After reading this, I was impressed! I hope to see more along with a successful school year.

  2. Hey, Case. Provocative and enjoyable! My second reading of your poem (whaaat?) was really fun. I must ask … why that line about the drunk? It seemed to change the tone a lot. And the final tone is what we are left with.
    See, do you want me to end there? I shan’t.
    Here’s a thought: I’ve handed in my letter of resignation, in protest. No word yet.

    😛 J

    1. Interesting idea. Though that last line would freak with the rhythm I think. I don’t know, I like the drunk ! He just peed himself and he is sad. He wasn’t in charge!

      And besides, I think the speaker in this poem wouldn’t be the kind of person to hand in a letter of resignation – he’d just quit. (or He)

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