An Auctioneer’s Notes – Monika Groppe

Don’t start too high or too low. put the vanity
in the corner. illustrate-the light works. start
with the water colors of the lake, then move
to the black and white photographs. find
embroidered pillows. give them a history.
stack porcelain plates so no one will notice
the blue flowers peeling around the rim.
count the silver-backed chairs. 11. add value
to the grandfather clock. high pollen count
today—people will be sneezing, easily distracted.
break when 3/4ths of everything is gone. make sure
the woman in the purple scarf gets a deal. when they bid
get angry. make them think they are praying.
when the deal goes through, nod. when it’s over,
shrug. everything will go for less than it’s worth.


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