Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Well, everyone, it’s Saint Patty’s day. He exorcised the snakes from Ireland, sure, but what is not as well known among his accomplishments is that he ran the first Literary Magazine published in Celtic. Celtic Quarterly was called by James Joyce “a boon to writing everywhere, especially here.” In honor of this great man, and great magazine we present the following Fun Facts:

  • Celtic is the language of the world most in danger of extinction.
  • The shamrock, used by St Patrick as a visual aid during his sermons, represented the trinity.
  • He is accredited for removing all the snakes from Ireland by the music of his drum.
  • In Irish surnames, “Mac” refers to “son of…” and “O” refers to “grandson of…”
  • The Leprechaun was originally recognized as a cobbler or shoemaker by trade.
  • In Ireland, pubs are closed only two days out of  the year: Christmas and Good Friday.
  • The Book of Kells is an old illustration of the Bible created by Irish monks.
  • Windmills everywhere rotate counter-clockwise, except in Ireland.
  • Kissing the Blarney Stone is said to remove shyness and bestow the gift of gab.

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