Cracking Open the Capsule: Prompts

This week we have two more prompts for all you aspiring writers. Read them, reread them, use them (they’re great on toast) and post your creative findings in the comments.

Underline a part in your writing that feels weak.  Instead of getting rid of it, write it at the top of a new page, probe it, crack it open.  What’s the image inside?  What treasures might be buried underneath?  Or put an equal sign next to a sentence or word that’s vague and clarify what you meant to say.

from Writing Toward Home by Georgia Heard

If you were to assemble a time capsule of your entire life, what items would you select or make reference to?  Reflect on things you have done and events that have happened in your lifetime.  What would the time capsule look like?  Why did you choose the items that you chose? Where would you bury it?


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