Top 10 Hottest Men in Literature

IF you’ve every found yourself drooling over the dreamy man on the pages of the of a literature assignment, do not dismay friend for you are in good company. My goal for this blog was to list and rank the hottest men who made up our favorite fantasies, but I soon discovered the research I needed for that post was exceedingly difficult to perform. Sadly, there is no database of literary authors complete with a headshot and rating. Instead, I found tons of posts about the hottest men we’ve ever pretended existed. And honestly, that makes a much better top 10 list. Unlike real men, our fictional favorites won’t let us down with their inadequacies, because they don’t actually have minds of their own. They will forever remain the sensual and attractive guys we found so desirable without all the let downs those all too real authors are certain to be full of. I’ve compiled a list the blog posts of others literature fanatics and a little of my own opinion. I definitely don’t agree with all of them, but our online community has spoken. So here’s to the hottest men we will never actually get to meet in real life, but will always remember!

10. Severus Snape/ Sirius Black/ Remus Lupin: I was skeptical at first, but each of these magical men frequented quite a few top 10 lists. They may be a little unruly or sinister in Snape’s case, but their magical abilities are intriguing to say the least. Each of these long-haired guys are also outstandingly loyal to their friends, which is an excellent quality in lovers. Besides, they beat Edward Cullen any day, and that’s enough for me!

9. Erik from Phantom of the Opera: Another seeming wild card, this tragic guy has the rare ability to force a woman to be honest. Are we really able to get past the face behind the mask?  Erik maintains the ability to simultaneously seduce a woman, but still keep her honest. He’s definitely a keeper on this list.

8. Rochester: He’s intelligent, he’s articulate, and he’s a little unhinged. Despite his actions in the novel, many readers think he maintains his heart-breaker status even after it’s all said and done. He’ll always be the kind of guy you want to talk to even if you do have to get past a few skeletons in the closet.

7. Heathcliffe: He’s dark and brooding, but there’s something about him that sinister and sexy. If nothing else, he’s got passion, which is a must on this list.

6. Howard Roark: Unlike Rochester, he’s the kind of guy that only needs a few words to get a girl in the bedroom. With Howard, it’s all about independence, self-confidence, and power.

5. Atticus Finch: He knows what he believes and he sticks to it. He’s the kind of guy that is well-adjusted and will always be there for the ones he loves.

4. Holden Caufield/Zooey Glass: Holden Caufield represents the dark, moody thinker types women are always trying to “save.” But for those of us concerned about statutory rape even with our fictional favorites, we might feel better drooling over Zoeey Glass, another of Salinger’s dark and moody artist types who is completely legal.

3. Mr. Darcy: He’s the perfect gentleman: handsome, loyal and rich. Not to mention the fact that he saves his beloved’s reputation even after being snubbed by her. What’s not to love?

2. Rhett Butler: This unabashed scoundrel, is unique in his ability to love so completely despite being burned time and time again. If you’re still having trouble with this one, picture him without the mustache.

1. Jay Gatsby: What more can a girl ask for? He’s hopelessly devoted, impossibly rich, and throws the most amazing parties. He’s sophisticated and fun, if you can get past the Daisy business. Just get one of our guys in the number 1 spot to perform a memory charm, then spend the rest of your life in luxury Daisy free.

Rachel Sauls is a Junior studying Communications at UTC.


7 thoughts on “Top 10 Hottest Men in Literature

  1. I totally agree with Roark and Gatsby. Maybe it’s the time period.

    But Atticus Finch? Electra complex much?

    And Holden Caulfield. No.

  2. I totally agree with Gatsby and Roark. It must be the time period.

    But Atticus Finch? Electra complex much?

    And Holden Caulfield. No.

  3. Way to go Rachel. I’m not so sure about Snape, but mr darcy is ten kinds of hot. and I’ve always thought Heathclif was pretty hot as i was reading as well.

    1. Great post, smonthieg I’ve been thinking about. I agree that popular fiction has to have likeable characters. I also think it is telling that this called ‘popular’ – imho most people don’t want to read about nothing but horrible people! What I don’t like is the attitude I’ve picked up (though I may be being unjust) that creating ‘nice’ characters is somehow lazy, boring or just not good. Though I agree that nasty characters create conflict etc, wouldn’t it be just as valid a demonstration of skill to create similar conflicts in likeable characters, which would throw up its own challenges? Just my rambling thoughts, hope they make sense! Anyway, thanks for a really interesting post.

  4. Everyone loves Darcy. I think he’s horrible. Ok, so he changes at the end of the novel but he’s a dick through most of Pride and Prejudice. Rochester and Caulfield are too but they are definitely more attractive because they seem more misanthropic as opposed to just snobbish plus they’re a lot more interesting. Definitely not Snape, Sirius or Lupin – they’re really good characters but they’re heroic in a really friendly way that isn’t hot.

  5. I was hoping for something a little less personal. And some inclusions in ancient lit, especially if you are looking for devotion. Odysseus anyone? Gave up goddesses all around to come back to his wife, then there is the Joseph story from the Quar’an, how many woman have simultanously injured themselves over Snape and none of the men on your list has ever had someone be accused to trying to seduce him and given the excuse “just look at him, can you blame me?” and had it work for her.
    Don’t even get me started on Aeneas, son of the goddess of love and the straightest arrow you can get. Also founded Rome and gives into passion at the very end over duty, if you can get to him.
    Probably going to be writing an essay on these real hunks for my college class. A bit more objective if I do say so myself.

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