What’s New in Sequoya Review

In case you haven’t noticed (we admit, it isn’t totally obvious), the Sequoya Review website is undergoing a change in management! Don’t worry–all the great flavor is still there, in a new box. By flavor, of course, we mean content, and by box we mean online editor…that might have been an awkward turn of phrase. Forget it was said.

…Anyway, some changes that you might see in the coming weeks include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The history of the Sequoya Review, in its myriad incarnations. You’ll find this under the “About Us” tab and on the blog proper as we post “Blasts from the Past,” which the marketing department thinks is a better way of saying “Old Stuff from Previous Issues.”
  • Writing Prompts. Our professional team of crack promptwriters will deliver the very best in funky situations to get your characters in, or if you’re all about the poetry, funky instructions to get the creative juices flowing. Whichever persuasion you are, Bootsy and the Gang are sure to “Tear the roof off that” writer’s block.
  • Quizzes! Who doesn’t love a great quiz, whether it be “Which Deadly Poison Are You?” from Facebook or “How Many Appletinis Should You Drink to be Just the Right Amount of Coy?” from Cosmopolitan. We here at Sequoya Review feel it is high time to give the writing and reading community of Chattanooga a similar joy.
  • Fun Facts! No explanation needed–they’re facts that are fun.
  • Contests. One thing every writer needs is money. One thing most writers don’t want is a job. To remedy this, Sequoya Review will pass along to you, the starving writer, contests to aid you in your quest to be totally unproductive in the 1950’s sense of the word. Godspeed!
  • Poetry and Prose. We get a lot of great submissions from UTC students, but sadly we only have so much paper to print them on. And since reading really small print causes cataracts, we’re using the power of the Internet to bring you the Ones that Almost Made It! Stay tuned for the once-weekly feature.

Of course, we might think of some more awesome stuff too, so keep yourself posted! You never know what might be in store. Keep writing that chicken!


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